Built Up Felt Systems

Witney Roof Company offering Commercial and Industrial Built Up Felt Systems across Witney, Oxfordshire.

Our business first began with built-up felt roofing systems so we have a great deal of expertise in this field.

A Built Up Roof Membrane is made up of two or more layers of bitumen sheet, these sheets are bonded together with hot bitumen or by torch method. This system gives more levels of defence against water ingress.

The majority of materials consist of a reinforced base layer of polyester coated with modified bitumen, this is popular choice of roof system because of the strong adhesive properties of bitumen, it is also the nature of the reinforced base which gives this system the strength and fatigue resistance which makes it so popular.

There are three kinds of modified bitumen systems:

  • SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) rubber modified bitumen systems are usually installed with hot bitumen or cold adhesives. This system is excellent at accommodating low temperatures and is very flexible. These membranes are manufactured from high quality distilled bitumen modified with polymers and selectively chosen stabilizing filler. This membrane has an excellent cold flexibility properties, stress resistance and dimensional stability characteristics. They also have good bending at low temperature allowing easy of handling during application. They can however be affected by UV-rays. To obtain a high UV resistance and resistance to aging, the upper surface of the membrane must be protected with a mineral coating or in an inverted situation.
  • APP (Atactic Polypropylene) polymer modified bitumen systems are installed using the torch method. These membranes are manufactured from high quality distilled bitumen modified with polymers and selectively chosen stabilizing filler. This type of membrane has excellent warm and cold resistance. This material is particularly suited to hot climatic regions. Its makeup is less sensitive to aging caused by UV-rays.
  • APAO (Amorphous Poly-Alpha Olefin) bitumen membranes are manufactured from high quality distilled bitumen modified with elastic layer measurements polymers, amorphous poly-alpha olefin and selectively chosen stabilizing filler. This creates outstanding three outstanding performance characteristics: warm, cold resistance and aging resistance.

Torch On Membranes

A range of APP and SBS membranes which utilise distilled and modified elastomeric polymers combined with thermally bonded and rot proof polyester reinforcement to give excellent mechanical properties such as stability, heat expansion damage, aging and resistance to atmospheric conditions.

Pour and Roll

These high performance membranes use modified bitumen reinforced with non woven polyester, this system offers resistance to aging and atmospheric conditions.

Heat Activated & Self Adhesive

Heat activated membranes are a solution to a roofing situation where direct torching or hot bitumen applied directly to the roof deck is not acceptable. Using distilled bitumen and heat sensitive adhesives, this system is manufactured to adhere using a Peel and Seal technique without the need for hot bitumen or gas torches.

Mastic Asphalt

Witney Roof Company undertake Mastic Asphalt for water proofing of:

  • Industrial and Commercial roofs
  • All roof surfaces
  • Gutter lining


Roofing Asphalt can be applied to form a continuous and seamless waterproofing covering over any surface be it flat or irregular. It can also be worked around any projection such as a roof light or pipe.

Advantages of using modified bitumen systems:

  • Excellent flexibility in extreme weather conditions due to the high tensile strength
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Manufactured in rolls for ease of application
  • Factory-manufactured to ensure quality control
  • Accomodate movement of the building
  • Variety of surface finishes that resist oxidation and damage from UV rays

Commercial and Industrial Roofing in WitneyIndustrial Roofing by Witney Roof CompanyCommercial and Industrial Roofing across Witney

At Witney Roof Company we offer specialist and comprehensive commercial and industrial Built Up Felt Systems.

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