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A common reason a flat to pitched roof conversion is opted for, is that the old roof would be very expensive to replace.

When carrying out this kind of project, new, lightweight, modular structures are built onto the existing roof structure.

The new structure which can be either timber or metal adds an increased weight to the building which is taken into consideration when designing the conversion.

The new pitched structure, whether in timber or metal is relatively light weight and is assembled on the flat roof itself.

The basic steps to a flat to pitched roof conversion using a steel truss are as follows:


  • A lightweight steel truss is assembled and erected on site.
  • This framework is then mechanically fastened to the building structure.
  • Usually it is then covered in a breathable membrane and battens. At this stage insulation can also be fastened.
  • Lightweight tile strips are then installed. Clay tiles or other coverings can be used as an alternative, but added weight must be taken into account.
  • The supporting steelwork and any additional battens for the aluminium soffit and facia are also installed at this time.
  • The aluminium soffit, fascia and rainwater goods can then be installed in one operation.
  • The installation of down pipes, drain adaptors and new ground drainage can be completed once the scaffold has been removed.

Benefits of Flat to Pitch Conversions:


  • Minimum disruption to the use of building and no problems with water ingress during the process of conversation as the flat roof remains intact.
  • Improve the aesthetic of the building with a variety of roof finishes available. Choose from traditional tile or slate, modern lightweight tile effect systems or metal cladding.
  • Enhance the thermal performance of the roof up to current building regulations and beyond with modern insulations, reducing carbon emissions and operating costs of the building.
  • Reduce the long term maintenance cost of existing flat roof and prolong life of building considerably.
  • Systems designed and tailored to suit structural requirements.
  • Controlled rain run-off.
  • Increases property value.

We’ll provide a thorough specification and clear quotation, and we’ll do our best to provide fresh and innovative ideas about how best to carry out the work. We ensure that our recommendations fit your budget, and meet your long-term needs.

We can also offer you advice on future maintenance and repairs and energy consumption.


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