Standing Seam Roofing

Standing Seam roofing provides a modern, practical and ergonomic curved finish to any industrial or commercial roof.

It offers one of the most advanced and versatile roofing systems available today. The architectural possibilities and capabilities of Standing Seam roofing systems are not restricted just simple or traditional roof configurations.

Standing Seam is suited to all building types, whether your project specifications requires low or steep slope, mansard, retrofit, or equipment screens to obscure sight of rooftop clutter, our Standing Seam systems are versatile in their applications.

Standing Seam Systems are suitable for either spanning across purlings on typical spacing, or laid straight over rigid insulation or solid decking.

When constructing a curved roof using the Standing Seam System, the panels are fixed in the same way as built up systems. An internal liner is fixed, followed by support brackets and bars. The design of standing seam means that these fixings and any penetrations are hidden from view. When combined with a non ferrous material for the top sheet this system of roofing is considered leak and corrosion proof.

Witney Roof Company can provide Standing Seam Roofing systems for almost any architectural structures specifications. As the panels can be made in continuous lengths, there are no horizontal unsightly overlaps, this makes for a streamlined and modern appearance.

This type of roof covering has fast become one of the most popular for low pitched and slightly steeper constructions. With its unrivalled flexibility it is able to deliver a curved finish its applications are numerous.

When used in the aluminium format the product can be produced in continuous lengths of up to 100 metres which are rolled on site and craned up to roof level. On site welding ensuring complete weathering of the system.

A standing seam roof has the following benefits:


  • A low risk of water penetration as there are no external penetrations of the outer sheet required and no end laps
  • The systems are lightweight making them ideal for steel frame new build and for refurbishment
  • The roof systems are low maintenance
  • Complex shapes can be formed, including waveform curves, tapers – offering architectural appeal
  • Roof penetrations such as rooflights, access hatches and smoke vents can be incorporated without compromise to the roof system
  • Can be used on designs using a Structural Deck, where purlins could be eliminated from the construction

Standing seam systems can be manufactured on site to produce long sheets, which would not normally be possible to deliver by road. This again assists deign ability of the systems.