Decra Formflash Lead Alternative

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Icopal Formflash is the lightweight, lead-free, versatile alternative for roof flashing.

It’s 50% lighter than Code 4 lead flashing, easier to handle and speedier to install, yet outstandingly waterproof and resilient.

PVC-free as well as lead-free, FormFlash is environmentally friendly, and there’s no resale value to tempt the local lead thieves. Icopal FormFlash the first lead replacement system in the UK to win Secured By Design certification.

Malleable and easy to cut and form, it can be installed in lengths up to 10 metres without joints, and even welded using hot air.

Wherever lead goes, FormFlash goes. It’s suitable for all types of flashing including stepped abutments, chimneys, rooflights and flat or pitched roofing terminations.

Product Availability

Product Code


Roll Size

Roll Weight


Form Flash 120mm

10m x 0.12m



Form Flash 150mm

10m x 0.15m



Form Flash 200mm

10m x 0.20m



Form Flash 250mm

10m x 0.25m



Form Flash 300mm

10m x 0.30m



Form Flash 450mm

10m x 0.45m



Form Flash 650mm

10m x 0.65m



Form Flash 950mm

10m x 0.95m



FormFlash fixing Clips 

(pack 25 clips)

FormFlash lead replacement flashings are manufactured from SEBS modified bitumen on a malleable aluminium mesh finished with a fine grey granular finish on the outer face and a polyethylene film on the inner face.


FormFlash is installed and worked in a similar way to traditional lead flashing.

When installed in exposed conditions FormFlash should be mechanically fix with appropriate fasteners.

FormFlash can be worked in the same way as lead, without the need for protective measures, except for wearing gloves to protect from cuts, and:


  • Can be cut with a sharp knife or tin snips
  • Can be secured using FormFlash fixing clips
  • Is compatible with other building materials

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