Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection by Witney Roof Company

This is the most common method of non-destructive testing on flat roofs systems. This technique of roof leak detection works on the principal that the structural roof deck is an electrical conductor and the waterproofing membrane is an electrical insulator.
By moving the Electronic Leak Detection equipment over the test area and experience technician can pinpoint areas of entrapped water/moisture, pinholes in the material and damaged/defective welded laps. Any defective areas discovered during our survey are marked on the roof area and can also be marked on a roof plan if available.

If requested we can conduct a full lap test as part of our leak detection service. This is conducted to manufacturer’s standard lap testing recommendations using the appropriate propriety tool. It is considered to be a non-destructive method of testing, however if faults are found then it can expose the area to the weather and possible water ingress. If this method is to be adopted we recommend that installers be available to rectify any areas of concern whilst the testing is conducted.

  • Compatible with 99% of Flat Roofs
  • Detects Pinhole Leaks
  • Quick and Efficient Method
  • Non-Invasive (Zero damage to roof)

Please note that this method is not suitable for EPDM membranes and or timber/plywood decks where there is no foil faced insulation board.